Testing and Tagging Standards (AS 3760)

In Australia, the government ensures that electrical equipment is as safe as possible through a series of regulations known as AS3760. The main thrust of this Australian Standard is to ensure that the workplace is safe when it comes to 3 phase, 240 volt and low voltage electrical equipment.

When it comes to testing and tagging, Australian standards are some of the most stringent in the world. The government is particularly keen to enforce testing frequencies and comprehensive record-keeping, but it also lays down testing and inspection specifications for those who are responsible. The list is quite comprehensive and includes appliances or equipment that are introduced to the workplace on a temporary basis, such as electric drills, battery chargers, and so on. Significant penalties may be applied if an incident were to occur, and equipment was found to be unsafe, or testing requirements had been overlooked. Test and tag regulations determine that both the person responsible for introducing the appliance and the employer (who is ultimately liable) could be charged.

Individual states and territories have their own regulatory bodies, responsible for enforcing the test and tag standard, and to ensure that companies comply with the various requirements. In NSW, this is carried out by Safe Work NSW, for example.


Electrical Installations – Construction and Demolition Sites

This part of the legislation deals with electrical installations of demolition or construction sites. This is intended to include any work associated with excavation, building or compressed air and to cover any part of the building that is in the midst of structural alteration, repair, demolition or extension. In these situations, the work will require temporary electrical installation, and these must be tested and tagged in accordance with WHS regulations . This section is intended to cover maintenance or construction associated with airports, roads, bridges and civil engineering works, salvage/dredging, or the introduction of cables or pipes.

Test and Tag Services

Only competent people, as defined by the regulation, are allowed to test and tag. This means that you need to call in the services of a professional body to help ensure that you are compliant at all times and avoid as much risk as possible. Alltest can visit your workplace and make sure that you are compliant. Our staff have  been trained to the highest service standards as laid down by federal and state government. Alltest can provide an extensive list of testing procedures, including three-phase equipment and RCD trip time tests. If required, we can visit the facility outside of normal working hours for your convenience. Contact us today to find out more.