RCD / Safety Switches Testing Services

Residual Current Devices (RCDs) or safety switches are the electrical devices that protect your home or business from electrical shocks, overcurrents, electrical arcs, short circuits, and other electrical faults. They are highly sensitive devices that trip (disconnect) in milliseconds to prevent fatal shocks and protect lives.

Electrical conventions require every construction site must have two or more of these protective devices for safety. Professionals like Alltest Electrical Testing and Tagging offer safety switches testing services in NSW and all Australia.

Testing helps you to remain safe and compliant with Australian Standards, not to mention assuring safety for man and machine in the building. Alltest offers timely RCD testing services in NSW, Australia, to ensure you remain compliant.

1.How do you test an RCD?
An RCD must be tested by a trained, competent person using a push-button test and combined operating time test. Alltest’s testing equipment gives a report of the precise time that the cut off switch cuts off at. This can not be done with a push button test.

This trip time must cut off within 300ms at 30mA, otherwise, it is declared at fault and will need replacement or repair. The results are then logged for future reference.

2. Do I need to test my RCD?
Yes! Safety in electrical equipment is key, so you should always give RCD testing maximum priority. Leakage current of as little as 0.030mA, for a fraction of a second is enough to cause cardiac arrest (heart attack). That is why these devices need regular testing to ensure that they are always in peak operating condition.

3. What are the RCD regulations?
There are different regulations for different institutions and buildings.

  •  Every building constructed in Australia since 2000 needs two RCDs.
  • Every three months, the RCDs should be tested by the landlord or other authority and the results documented. If this push-button test fails, i.e., if the power does not go off, an electrician is to be called immediately.
  • No building can be sold or leased without having the required RCDS, all fully tested and functional.
  • Only a trained electrician is allowed to do the working time test. Institutions like hospitals should have this test done every three months and hotels every two years. 

Consult AllTest if you have any questions about testing regulations and compliance. As part of our service, we will schedule regular testing visits and call you prior to a visit to let you know when testing is due.