Alltest are a Sydney based mobile ELECTRICAL APPLIANCE TESTING AND TAGGING company, servicing clients in NSW and have national contracts Australia wide.

We provide electrical testing and tagging to all industries.




We would like to thank our clients (that have been able to continue operating) for adhering to our safety measures during the current health crisis. If you have been impacted by the quarantine closure your equipment may be out of date and non-compliant, so now is the time to prepare for business to resume in full force!

As you prepare to return to normal operations, Alltest Electrical Appliance Test & Tag are available to discuss your requirements and conduct an onsite inspection if need be, and provide you with a free quote. Get in touch with our team today here!



Test and Tag Sydney

Alltest are a Sydney based mobile ELECTRICAL APPLIANCE TESTING AND TAGGING company, servicing clients in NSW and have national contracts Australia wide. To give assurance and protection against electrical hazards at your workplace, Alltest provide an all industries, WH&S 2012 compliant Testing and Tagging service. We assist your business to comply with safe workplace obligations, identifying and minimising risks with electrical appliances on site.

Alltest put safety first: Provide a quality and cost effective service. / Use the latest equipment, enabling us to produce concise test results on each appliance. / Our uniformed staff are fully qualified,WH&S 2012 compliant and test to Australian Standards AS/NZ 3760. more info…

Test and Tag Services Sydney

Alltest is a company that offers professional test and tag services in Sydney for a range of businesses. We visit your workplace to ensure that all electrical equipment and appliances are safe for use, protecting the safety of your employees and ensuring compliance with relevant regulations.


Why do I need a test and tag service?

As a business owner, one of your most important responsibilities is the safety of your staff, as well as anyone who visits your place of business.

Electrical equipment such as power tools, vacuum cleaners, extension cables, and kitchen appliances such as kettles and microwaves can become electrically unsafe over time due to wear, misuse or adverse environmental conditions. Worksites, offices, factories and other workplaces can be hostile operating environments for electrical equipment, meaning they need to be tested and tagged regularly.

Additionally, there are certain state and federal regulations that all businesses are obliged to comply with. It is therefore essential that all electrical appliances and equipment are regularly tested by a professional test and tag technician.


Who needs a test and tag service?

All businesses have a duty to ensure a safe environment for their employees and any other person on site. They also have a legal responsibility to comply with Australian Standards and other regulations.

Sydney businesses that require testing and tagging include but not restricted to:

  • Electrical companies
  • Commercial cleaning companies
  • Commercial and residential construction businesses
  • Offices
  • Hotels, motels & hostels
  • Schools and educational institutions
  • Nursing homes and specialist care providers
  • Retail stores
  • Trade show vendors
  • Restaurants

Australian Standards have specific recommendations on how often appliances and equipment should be tested, with guidelines varying between one month and five years. Alltest notifies all our existing clients when they are almost due for their next testing.

If you’re not sure whether your equipment is due for testing, contact us to find out.


Our test and tag Sydney services

As one of the leading test and tag companies in Sydney NSW, Alltest performs professional on-site inspection, testing and tagging on all your electrical equipment to meet the strict standards of AS/NZS 3760 regulations, as well as WH&S 2012 and Workcover NSW.

Thorough testing requires proper equipment that complies with Australia’s official test and tag guidelines. Our professional test and tag technicians carry an extensive range of quality testing equipment, suitable for all businesses, including large offices, construction companies, commercial cleaning companies, electrical companies, car wash services, and more.

Our test and tag services cover all types of electrical appliances across all industries, from sensitive office equipment to heavy-duty industrial machinery.

We offer an extensive range of testing procedures, including:

  • On-site inspection and testing of electrical equipment and appliances
  • RCD trip time testing
  • Three-phase equipment testing
  • On-site plug top replacements


What’s included with your test and tag service

Your test and tag service includes on-site inspection and testing and tagging of your electrical equipment by one of our test and tag professionals.

A test and tag inspection involves visually inspecting each piece of equipment in detail. We look for any damage to flex, connections, guards and plugs. Then, the appliance is tested using the calibrated testing equipment to make sure it is electrically safe.

We test for:

  • Earth continuity/earth bond
  • Insulation resistance
  • Polarity
  • Trip times on RCD Units

The item is then tagged to show that it has been tested. This tag shows the test date, who tested it, and when the next test is due. We’ll also let you know when your next due date is coming up, so you can make sure that all your electrical equipment is compliant.


Why you should use Alltest test and tag services

Alltest offers thorough and professional testing and tagging services to all businesses in the Sydney area. We pride ourselves on delivering the highest standards of friendly, professional service to best suit your needs.

We rigorously comply with Australian Standards AS/NZ 3760, WH&S 2012 and Workover NSW to ensure the highest quality of testing. We’re also available outside of normal business working hours, offering an after-hours service to better suit the needs of your business.

At no extra charge, we also provide an asset register of all equipment tested. We’ll even keep your asset registers on file for seven years, as required by Australian regulations. If you need a detailed test certificate for each appliance, we can do that too – just let us know!

We see our role as not only identifying potential risks or problems but also to assist you in resolving these issues safely and efficiently. We can consult with you to find a testing and tagging solution that best suits your needs and keeps your employees safe.

In this way, we help you to manage your business’ ongoing electrical test and tag needs, ensuring a safe workplace and that you are compliant with all AS/NZ 3760 regulations.

Contact us today for a free quote to make your business compliant and look after the safety of your employees.

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